Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings are great for the lower back and for (explosive) hip extension.

Critical points:

  • Your shoulders have to be down while performing the swings.
  • Don´t get sloppy.  If your are:  Stop the exercise and make a rest.
  • Push your butt back: Use the hip hinge movement. The power derives from your hips.
  • Extend your hips explosively.
  • During the whole movement:  Your lower back, your spine, is erected.


If you want to train especially your lower back:

  • use light weights
  • do many repetitions
  • make a rest
  • do 2 – 3 intervals

If you want to train your explosiveness:

  • use light or middle weights
  • do only few (and fast) repetitions.
  • make a longer rest between the intervals
  • do up to 5 intervals
  • train only if you are physically and mentally fresh

If you want to train your endurance:


  • use light weights
  • do many repetitions
  • make a short rest
  • repeat
  • do 4 – 6 intervals


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